With Wwise and Fmod knowledge, work history with Unity and Unreal, past use of Github, Perforce, and Sourcetree, and skills and the the mentality to continually learn programming languages like Python, Taj has the knowledge and experience to implement quality sounds to games to bring them to life. Here are some videos demonstrating his skills.

Wwise Demo:

Within this demonstration I go through my dynamic weapon system, ambience aux sends and dynamic dialogue that reacts to player responses and actions within the world. The weapon system is based off of a sword that loses sharpness as the player uses it over time. The player has the option to sharpen the blade up to regain the blade’s full potential. The environment demonstration showcases the sword slashes in different spaces with expected delays and reverb but I created a “dreamscape” space that has it’s own unique quirk on how sounds react to a fictional space. Dialogue in the game is inspired by Fallout where the player’s actions and responses will result in the main antagonist’s interaction and reactions with the player.

FMOD Demo:

In this demonstration I go through my dynamic environmental system, dynamic movements, and dynamic music. The environment system is based off of the player’s location and altitude within the game world. The movement also follows the same system. The music system plays based on the player’s progression within the level and also reacts to the player’s positioning and altitude to give the player a fully immersive audio experience where each sound interacts with each other and with the player.

Python / Pygame alien invader inspired game project:

I created a space invader clone via programming in Python’s game engine, Pygame!